Ruth Bader Ginsburg Must Live Forever

I am not sure how we can go about this. Never in this history of the world has any group of people collectively banned together to agree to keep a person alive forever. I mean, none that I can think of off the top of my head while I type. But I am strongly in favor of all of us giving blood, spare organs, non-spare organs, whatever we can, to keep Justice Ginsburg alive forever.

You may know her as the powerhouse bad ass that fell asleep at the State of The Union address, but I know her as a hero for equality. She began her law career at Harvard where she was 1 of 9 women admitted into a class of 500. 1 to 9. Now you know as well as I do that the men probably ranked them in terms of hotness the minute the came through the door. Probably shared that list around. Probably called someone “8” to their face to be funny. This is speculation, but, come on, you know some bullshit like that probably went down. She transferred and graduated from Columbia Law, tied for first in her class. I don’t know who she tied with, but they probably will write “tied with RBG” on their headstone.

After being rejected from many lawfirms because she has a vagina, Ruth went on to be a crusader for equality between the sexes as general counsel for the ALCU. She took over 300 gender discrimination cases. She even took a case where a man was being discriminated against from a law and fought for him at the Supreme Court, making men realize that it does suck.

I digress, this sounds more like a history lesson than a blog post. You can watch her movie, its coming out soon, and get all caught up in the RBG craze. My point is, even though Justice Ginsburg, now in her 80s, can do more pushups than I can, no one lives forever. YET. I’ll be going door to door this week petitioning for donors for blood, plasma, protective bubbles, or whatever else people are willing to give. In this current political climate where we seem to be heading straight back to 1941, what could be more important than protecting this endangered species: a woman in power who you can not take down and wants the same rights for every person, regardless of race, gender or religion. Please, donate today.

kelly sirk